Recruiting Software

What to look for in a recruiting software?


Easily grow (or shrink) resources as your business grows (or shrinks) .

Job Applicant Management (or Tracker)

Know at a glance the job applicant status. Also known as ATS (Applicant Tracking System)

Client/Contact management

Make notes, track status and be informed.

Job management

Know at glance the status of all your current roles.

Job Posting

Post to any job board.

Time-sheeting, payroll and invoicing

Save time and money by having it all integrated

Reporting Capabilities

Quantify your success by producing instant reports.

User and group management

No IT person required. Do this easily yourself.

Dedicated Support Team

Receive high quality support with dedicated account management, responsive help desk service and professional training opportunities.

What is CRIS?

CRIS is an acronym for Cloud Recruitment Information System. CRIS is a recruitment software.

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