CRIS Recruitment Software

The history of CRIS Recruitment Software.

CRIS started off as a desktop application back in 2001.
It used to be called SmartAgent and it performed many business functions.
Business functions including :

  • Applicant tracking
  • Client/Contact management
  • Client/Contact notes
  • Job management
  • Time-sheeting
  • Payroll - for both internal staff and contractors out on site
  • Invoicing
  • User and group management
  • Reporting

We initially held of moving to the cloud, due to the technology being very immature.

Since 2001, javascript and web technology has matured quite a bit.

Just have a look at the javascript history  here.

It became more evidently that we needed to graduate SmartAgent to the cloud.

The result was CRIS (Cloud Recruitment Information System). All the features of SmartAgent migrated to the cloud (plus more)